Human Health Effects Assessment for the Second Prospective Clean Air Act Amendments Section 812 Benefit-Cost Report


Pursuant to Section 812 of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, EPA's Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) conducts periodic studies to assess benefits and costs of the EPA's regulatory actions under the Clean Air Act. OAR has requested that the Council's Health Effects Subcommittee review technical documents related to health benefits analyses and uncertainty analyses to support the Second Section 812 Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Clean Air Act.

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Public Meetings and/or Teleconferences

Meeting DateTitle
05/04/2010 to 05/05/2010Council Review of Second Prospective 812 Study
03/02/2010 to 03/02/2010Health Effects Subcommittee draft report discussion for Second Prospective CAAA Section 812 Benefit-Cost Report
12/15/2009 to 12/16/2009Health Effects Subcommittee

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