Expert Elicitation White Paper Review


EPA's Office of the Science Advisor has requested SAB review of an "Expert Elicitation (EE) Task Force White Paper." The White Paper discusses the potential utility of using expert elicitation to support EPA regulatory and non-regulatory analyses and decision-making, provides recommendations for expert elicitation "good practices," and describes steps for a broader application across EPA. The Office of the Science Advisor has asked the SAB to provide advice regarding the potential usefulness of expert elicitation, how to strengthen the scientific basis for its use, and the implications for possible implementation at EPA.

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Panel Formation

Nominations of Experts:


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Public Meetings and/or Teleconferences

Meeting DateTitle
08/28/2009 to 08/28/2009Quality Review of the Draft SAB Report on EPA's Expert Elicitation White Paper
04/22/2009 to 04/22/2009SAB Expert Evaluation Advisory Panel Discussion of Draft Report
02/25/2009 to 02/26/2009SAB Expert Elicitation Advisory Panel Review of EPA's Draft Expert Elicitation Task Force White Paper

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Final Report

Final Report(s)

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