Advice on Ecological Effects Assessments for the Draft Analytical Plan for the 812 Study of the Costs and Benefits of the Clean Air Act


EPA's Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) requested advice on studying ecological effects associated with regulations promulgated under the Clean Air Act as part if its major assessment of the costs and benefits associated with implementing the Clean Air Act.

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Panel Formation

Nominations of Experts:



Public Meetings and/or Teleconferences

Meeting DateTitle
05/24/2005 to 05/24/2005Council review of Ecological Effects Subcommittee Draft Advisory
04/14/2005 to 04/14/2005Ecological Effects Subcommittee of COUNCIL to discuss Draft Advisory
12/20/2004 to 12/20/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee
12/09/2004 to 12/09/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee
07/22/2004 to 07/22/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee -- Orientation Teleconference

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