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This site provides access to available electronic records for public meetings since 2003. For information related to other public meetings , please contact the SAB Staff Office. Selected meeting materials may not be available electronically. They may be obtained on request from the SAB Staff Office.

Start DateEnd DateTitle
06/27/201106/27/2011Teleconference of the Council Augmented for Review of Black Carbon
04/18/201104/19/2011Review of the Report to Congress on Black Carbon
11/22/201011/22/2010Council Review of Draft Advisory Report on Second Prospective Study
09/02/201009/03/2010Council Review of Second Section 812 Prospective Study
08/11/201008/11/2010AQMS Discussion of Adjustments to Particulate Matter Emissions Data for the Second Section 812 Prospective Study
05/04/201005/05/2010Council Review of Second Prospective 812 Study
03/15/201003/15/2010AQMS Teleconference to discuss draft advisory report on air quality modeling for 812 Study
03/09/201003/10/2010Ecological Effects Review for the Second Prospective CAAA Section 812 Benefit-Cost Report
03/02/201003/02/2010Health Effects Subcommittee draft report discussion for Second Prospective CAAA Section 812 Benefit-Cost Report
02/19/201002/19/2010Air Quality Modeling Review for the Second Prospective Clean Air Act Amendments Section 812 Benefit-Cost Report
12/15/200912/16/2009Health Effects Subcommittee
05/09/200805/09/2008Review of the Benzene Case Study
05/08/200805/08/2008A Review of the Benefits Assessment of Reduced Particulate Matter-Mortality
03/15/200703/16/2007Advisory Council on Clean Air Compliance Analysis Discussion of Interim Drafts on Costs and Benefits of Clean Air Act Amendments
08/31/200608/31/2006Council Consultation on Forecasting Air Emissions Inventories to Future Years
08/07/200608/07/2006Council Air Quality Modeling Subcommittee Review of Draft Emissions Inventory
06/29/200606/29/2006Council Briefing on Update of Second Prospective Analysis
05/24/200505/24/2005Council review of Ecological Effects Subcommittee Draft Advisory
04/14/200504/14/2005Ecological Effects Subcommittee of COUNCIL to discuss Draft Advisory
12/20/200412/20/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee
12/09/200412/09/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee
11/05/200411/05/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee of COUNCIL
11/01/200411/01/2004Council review and approval of HES letter on cessation lag
09/21/200409/21/2004Cessation Lag
07/22/200407/22/2004Ecological Effects Subcommittee -- Orientation Teleconference
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